About Me

the_offspring-conspiracy_of_oneWAZZZZZUUUUUP my name is Destiny and I’m, in 8th grade. I’m pretty just all about friends (mattmoney10 and teenwolf57), family, school, and my activities that I do otherwise. I play with my brother a lot and my baby brother. I enjoy what I do everyday between the chores and hang out with my family, and even practice all of my instruments. I play bass clarinet, b flat clarinet, tenor saxophone, and alto saxophone. I play my clarinets in concert and marching band and then my saxophones in jazz band. 3 of my passions are making jewelry, cooking, and playing my instruments. I also like music such as Luke Bryan (country) and The Offspring (punk rock). And as you can see, I LOVE DOGS. Well, that’s some things about me… BYEEEEEEEEImage result for husky