Other work post #2

My Spreadsheet

This is my spreadsheet for my typing speeds for the past 3 years of middle school. This spreadsheet is to show how much I have progressed with my typing throughout the years. When you look at this you will see the progession. I enjoyed doing the typing tests because it showed me what I could really do. And also how fast I could go. Check it out!

Other Work Post #1

My Spanish Project

This past semester I had done a spanish project that we had to do with a partner. I had done mine with mattmoney10 actually. But for this project we had to take words from an article that we knew what they meant from being cognates and then we had to put it into a poster or powerpoint. We chose a powerpoint because it had been much easier to work on it together than to try and split the work up for a poster. In the powerpoint it had information about what different countries did to celebrate christmas and this had to be completely in spanish. This project was long and stressful but is going to be worth it in the end. Check it out!!

HTML&CSS on Khan Academy

So for this assignment we had to first do a HTML section for coding on something we use called Khan Academy. I am going to describe the HTML part before the CSS. The HTML section teaches you really the basic parts of the coding webpages. It teaches you how to do an ordered list on the page and how to do a numbered list too. Obviously it teaches you how to work with words on the page to. In this section it teaches you the tags that you need to know to do the work out to be able to make your own personalized webpage. <p></p> are the tags  That allow you to put in paragraphs of words. The <html></html> tags are what creates the webpage. <strong></strong> tags are the tags that allow you to make words bold so that you can get hints of the most important information if your just scanning a page quickly to find interesting thing. Those had been some important tags for HTML.

HTML spin off      https://www.khanacademy.org/computer-programming/spin-off-of-challenge-a-picture-perfect-trip/4886593591115776


For the nest assignment it was pretty much the same thing except the difference is that CSS is when details is added into your webpages and works. This is when colors are added and font colors and backgrounds are added. This makes your page so its not as boring as it was before which is a good thing for readers too because it makes them think you put a lot of effort into your page and also it catches their eye as well and makes them more interested in it from what I’ve personally seen. This was the basic idea on what CSS is about…. now check out my spin off!!!

CSS spin off     https://www.khanacademy.org/computer-programming/project-travel-webpage/5576285724672000

Assignment #8- Survey

My Survey

For this assignment we had to make a survey with at least 6 questions total. Mine didn’t have a specific topic… as you may tell. Others may of had a topic. My percentages for the 2 multiple choice questions had varied definitely. This project was fun to do because we had gotten to have people take our surveys and then answer other people’s surveys. Especially with some people’s it was “How Well Do You Know Me?” which was really fun. Using forms makes it much easier especially for teachers that want students to take online quizzes. I really liked it. Take a look at my survey!!!

Assignment 6- Dream Room

This project had been very fun. It allowed us to explore 2 online stores with real expenses. Plus you got to have a a budget of 5,000 dollars which I didn’t even use all of. For this project we had to create a dream room for ourselves, family, or even friends. I chose to make my Dream Room an overall music room with speakers, surround sound, drum sets, music stands and then it would include the instruments that me and my friends own as well. I really enjoyed this project because we got to use our own thoughts and then get a grade for it. We had also used a lot of formulas in the spreadsheets to make our work way faster than what it would’ve gone if we didn’t have the formulas with the most accurate math. This was about my Dream Room for music… now look at it to see what I did

Check out my Dream Room expenses!!!!!

Spreadsheet Link


Assignment#4a- The Debate

There are many pros and cons about being able to use mobile device and cells phones in school.

The pros would have to be about the education. Technology is much faster than having to go to the school library to find information. Another pro is that the school wouldn’t have to pay for so many tablets and computers. This makes it easier on the school because they would have the extra money for the NEEDED supplies like paper and pens and pencils. Where if we had our phones during the day they would actually have the extra money for maybe sports and supplies. Another pro would have to be you would be able to call parents and have contact to a parent or guardian at all times. Instead of having to go to the office every time you need to call a parent and let them know that you are staying after, you could simply just text your parent or guardian that you are staying after. The technology on mobile ideas makes life so much easier to communicate with parents. Those are some pros of cell phone and mobile use in schools for education.

There are also cons of having cell phones allowed to be used during school. One con is phones will disrupt the class. Unless the phone is turned off or even put on mute the phone ring tone or text message tone will disrupt the whole entire class. Plus this could also be a disruption to the student’s learning also. Another con is that when kids reply to texts, they do not use the proper grammar, spelling, or punctuation when responding. Doing this causes the students to bring this language to paper which causes their grades to go lower. Doing this is not good because when you are doing work, you are supposed to do it to the best of your abilities. These were some cons of mobile and cell phone use in school other than just during free time.

The pros and cons are what makes the debate, which is why I’m writing this right now because everyone has their own opinions on things. My opinion doesn’t really count, because I’m very optimistic about huge choices. I consider myself very independent when it comes to huge decisions. Cell phone use and mobile use during school has many pros and cons each and I agree with 99% of both of them.



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Assignment #3


This project went really well actually. Me and my partner, Matt, divided up the work. I had written the script, or typed I should say. Then Matt and I had both done the presentation. He made this presentation in the matter of 3 hours. This project was really fun. I enjoyed it between learning about how to keep a good digital footprint and also having a good reputation on the internet. Having a good reputation will keep you reputation good for everything.

Assignment 2-Blogging Safety

Being safe while being online or blogging is very important.

  • Assume that everything that you are putting online is public to the world
  • When your commenting on a blog post, be constructive, stick to the point, and make sure the whole comment has to have to do with the post.
  • Use a screen name. Don’t give out any personal information in any possible way.
  • When you post or blog about something, make sure that everything that you are posting, or saying is factual.
  • You should also never take photos of any classmates and putting them on social media without getting their permission or an adult’s permission.
  • Always ask people for help or information when blogging. It’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

When you are blogging you should find every way to stay safe. Especially when you’re on the internet, you should never share any personal information. Once you share person information, it is out there no matter  if you delete the blog\post or not. Being safe on the internet is very important. Keep this in mind for any future preferences.

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